The Wake Up Call

Gregory Arneaud

Mr. Gregory Arneaud, Founder and Clinical Director of iSD Health Solutions and the NGO Caribbean Sleep Disorders Association is an American Board-Certified Respiratory Therapist and Author of The Wake Up Call. He has twenty- five plus years of experience in the field of Sleep Apnea diagnosis and management. He formerly served as Board Director at the American Sleep Health Foundation, formerly the American Sleep Apnea Association, and has been the World Sleep Day Delegate for Trinidad and Tobago since 2015. A United States Air Force Veteran, and having worked with the leading companies in sleep disorder diagnostic testing and treatment, such as Watermark and Itamar Medical; Mr. Arneaud is considered to be the voice of Sleep Health and the Sleep Apnea expert in the Caribbean.
Having been extensively involved in Sleep Apnea Testing and Treatment in Trinidad & Tobago and
other Caribbean islands since 2006. Mr. Arneaud has a passion for his calling to serve in the arena of Sleep Health. His organisation and association are designed to create awareness, assess, diagnose and treat sleep disorders and overall address the issues of Sleep Health in Trinidad and
Tobago and the wider Caribbean.
Creating awareness and education are the firststeps according to Mr. Arneaud hence he uses his business and every platform and network that hehas access to for this very purpose. He aims to have the message reach each and every one in hopes that he can improve the lives of others through sleep. His philosophy is simple, How you Sleep is How you Live.